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Rebrand Roadmap Workshop [REPLAY]
Rebrand Roadmap Workshop [REPLAY]
Rebrand Roadmap Workshop [REPLAY]

Rebrand Roadmap is a 3 part workshop where I teach you our signature RefineHER Method so you can get unstuck & rebrand with clarity + confidence. 

What we cover:

📌 FOUNDATION: Set The Foundation for a Target Audience Aligned Rebrand

  • Auditing Your Current Brand 
  • Problem + Solution
  • Story Selling Strategy 
  • Brand Mission + Vision

📌 POSITIONING: Position Your Brand Strategically

  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Tone + Personality
  • Brand Pillar + Content 

📌 VISUAL VALUE: Increase Your Brands Visual Value

  • What is Brand Identity 
  • Color Psychology
  • Different Logo Types 
  • Patterns + Textures 
  • Things to Avoid
  • Marketing Collateral: Digital + Printable 
  • Power of Templates
  • Your Brands Digital Home (Website MUST HAVES)


⚠️ When you make your purchase you will get a download that will take you to a Google Drive folder. It Includes:

- The workshop replay (3.5 hours) 

- The workbook (Canva template / digital  & pdf / printing)


refine your brand. become the blueprint.